In situations where enemies are perpetually close and/or sometimes unknown, and violence/physical aggression is not the major concern, the collateral effect on the victim can be very tenuous, and vulnerable innocent people in the mix may make things even more complicated. Enemies, ex-friends, destructive family members, bad/”toxic” neighbors, those generally wishing you unwell…but actively attempting to achieve that goal)

There are some low-level, subtle, and legal psychological warfare/”urban guerrilla” methods that are put into play by victims looking to take themselves out of ongoing anxiety- and stress-ridden situations that take some time off the back-end of life…and they can be quite effective. One can learn a lot that isn’t currently in one’s repertoire and benefit the mental arsenal and mind firewalls immensely. Some that can be so extremely effective that a simple physical-response individual may well have neglected or not seen.

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Giving examples that are often utilized, both on the giving and receiving end:
~Self-isolation to force the varied other parties to turn on themselves.
~Cryptic low-level propaganda via social media that couldn’t be legally-implicating or problematic. (subliminal messaging directed at no one but put out to make minds wander)
~Planting seeds of doubt with timely conversation/misinformation. (misleading conversation with shared or one-sided allies either in direct conversation or within earshot creates confusion and insecurity)
~Separating parties in-question. (the enemy of my enemy can sometimes be my friend if subtly creating division)
~Building walls, literally and figuratively. (dead, flat reactions/emotional deadening/to actual physical walls if finances allow)
~Restriction of information flow/silence.  (no response to the offense can create long-term panic, insecurity, anxiety, and fear – wearing opponents down far more than a knee-jerk physical threat could ever do)
~State (of mind, mood) facades. (misdirection on how you’re actually processing the information or the act itself)
~Unity. (strategic allies can multiply effect)
~Rumors. (spreading intentional low-level misinformation)
~Subtle body/facial intimidation (sometimes creating space is a valuable resource for momentary thought-clarity and peace-of-mind)
~False flags. (leading opponents to believe others are responsible for your actions, covertly – not overtly, through intimation)
~Touching nerves with known/perceived triggers (knowing the opponent well can lead to intentional trigger-arousal, overreaction, or mis-revealing of intent)
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Remember,  study of the criminal side of things, as in actual violence, is always a worthwhile effort to learn about how you, yourself, can be manipulated by the same and develop ways to circumvent it:
For instance,
~we know stalking, in general, from many women’s experiences and having been told by law enforcement that nothing can be done until actual action is taken by the stalker, is “effective”. (pay attention to repeated behavior of those around you, showing up in strange places where you are, tails/surveillance that seems persistent. This one, if you’re one who already pays attention and has a high sense of situational/environmental awareness, will be a byproduct, not a paranoia)
~strategic flirting, even sex, can be used to tear apart alliances and implicate someone in something they may or may not have been the actuality. (keep walls up from distractions and those looking to take you off your game. Remember, even 3rd-party “evidence” in awkward positions and with non-allies can have a greatly-negative effect on various areas of your life)
~property-damage is hard to trace – keying, tire-slashing, break-ins….law enforcement doesn’t have time/resources and you’re not going to retain a lawyer for a car-keying (most often, take it as a will for non-direct confrontation…passive-aggression from someone who either doesn’t want a head-on meeting or wants to create emotional overreaction. Your car is a thing. It’s not your child.)
~tempting known addictions (even collateral stress can cause smoking, drinking, drug-use and other unhinged behavior if kept on at-length – check yourself and your emotions regularly, acknowledge when you’re )
Remember, this is not something you’re going to learn in a martial arts class….this is life. And life can create or break mental fortresses. Steel yours.


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