I write inevitably for me, on difficult and complex topics, most of which relate to fear, stress, trauma, and violence. I write to decipher my own thought processes and I know the content is sometimes both complex and heavy – not for everyone, nor of-interest to everyone. I’ve also been told that my perspectives are more for thinkers, leaders, and instructors in the field than the average civilian/citizen….which both doesn’t offend me and may also be true. Ironically, this is the antithesis of how I teach the physical part to students. I’m a fundamentalist. I drive the basics, push the “thinking fighter”, build on individual natural-body movement, combative micro-movements, and am an advocate for resistance, pressure, stress, and dynamic-environments. THIS, however….writing…is my forum to explore, challenge my own knowledge, discuss hard and complicated topics, and test my intellect. I don’t do it for commercial purposes and, truthfully, don’t much care if thousands read it or not. Those that do, I appreciate sincerely.

Maybe there’s a niche to “teach the teachers”, though I realize that sounds more than a little pretentious and self-righteous. But everything these days seems catered to “win-over” or shmooze the average citizen from the next guy kitty-corner and, from my perspective, huge demographics of people are tuning us out entirely. With such hyperbolic fear-mongering, lies, posturing, testosterone, and half-truths from people who brag about not seeming to be able to avoid violence in their own lives or act according to their own teachings, many people seem to simply feel conned or multi-level marketed to the point they’d rather just trust their own instincts and survival capability. Maybe it’s time some others started discussing hard topics with a bird’s-eye view toward the average person’s reality…..or questioned openly the views of the heard names in the industry. OR, more importantly, helped other instructors who sincerely do want to avoid those pratfalls and run an authentic program that legitimately helps people.

That said, anyone who takes an interest is appreciated and thanked, and if any of my brain-processes help you improve in any way – whether imparting life-saving knowledge to others or aiding understand yourself better…..they were more than worth it. Thanks for indulging my high-brow pretentiousness. ๐Ÿ™‚

-The Constant Gardener

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