This is a sticky one, be cautious and take some time to evaluate. Here are some facts to help you make your assessment:
1. Zicarelli had already turned himself in and admitted to the crime.

2. He was already handcuffed and under-arrest when the beating started.

3. The beating did not happen immediately upon child-recovery – it happened back at the station. (meaning there was a gap between initial response and engagement with the suspect, important)

4. While Zicarelli was handcuffed, Hallgrimson sat on his chest while beating him.

5. It was apparently all caught on the body-cam of another officer.

6. The FBI is also investigating this case due to an agreement signed by the KCPD (Kansas City Police Department), based on 4 previous cases under investigation involving officer-involved shootings and excessive-force complaints by the community.

7. As a professional, he did not act with self-control, restraint, and discipline, especially with current media and FBI attention, while on the job, in front of the public/co-workers and with a restrained civilian.

Now, some further points to add:

1. Hallgrimson, regardless of your assessment and feelings, was a hero for helping save this 6-month-old child.

2. Trying to drown your child is a heinous, reprehensible act regardless of legal bureaucracy and I am hardly stating that I might not do the same thing upon handling this case, but I’ll keep my personal feelings as to what should happen to the father out of this, though I’m sure you can guess exactly what they are, knowing that I’m a father as well.

3. It is not easy being a law-enforcement officer and having to see the worst side of humanity daily, well-acknowledged and hardly blamable when/if it gets the better of them sometimes….they are staunchly human, like the rest of us.

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