I find myself somewhat in awe (though not surprised in the least given the human kneejerk reaction to be heard) when I see the perpetual volatile arguments on social media. Over trite issues. To push through your opinion. To prove someone else wrong who doesn’t agree with your philosophy or point-of-view. To correct someone who’s clueless. I don’t support it, but I get it…and there’s a difference.

Running two Facebook pages myself pertaining to the industry, one of which is fairly active with response and retort, I see this all too frequently. However, to all combatives, martial arts, security, military, law enforcement exponents out there, social media is just that, media. There’s no immediate threat, no risk of injury, no danger. And herein lies the rub. It’s safe. So it’s very easy to post something controversial, explosive, antagonizing and provocative without having any repercussions and being held to the fire, so to speak. It’s a modern safe space. On the other hand, it’s also potentially judgmental for those posting. Everything we post is subject to scrutiny by others, many of which we don’t know, may never meet or, hell, aren’t real. Your content is up for public criticism. So it’s a double-edged sword.

That being said, my goal is not to promote myself, my methodology and my academy, although I’m also perceptive enough to know that this is inevitably a byproduct, good or bad, or what I post. (as what I post is often what I teach or support) So, I post content that attempts to be thought-provoking, informative and valuable to the average person listening in. And not nearly all of the group responds. However, knowing that the content will not (nor simply cannot) appeal or connect with everyone, it may reach that one person who needs it and can be helped by it. Not my peers, but those who legitimately need the knowledge for whatever reason, be it the military operative going to battle or the meek mild high-school student who gets bullied daily and has no voice. Those that can relate, want to talk shop and brainstorm with me, I’m always open. The ones that often disagree? It’s their wont and they’re completely at liberty to do so without condemnation. It is, after all, only Facebook.

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