Just a quick note on what I’m seeing via all these Facebook groups that I’ve been added to or joined over the last 5 years. I see so many instructors trying to impress with offering so many styles. Just the other day I saw an individual (apparently respected) offering a host (between 12-15 styles or systems!) of programs he’s qualified to rank in. I did a quick check online and found very, very few videos, testimonials and the like, which in and of itself isn’t that abnormal. But when claiming to be sufficient-enough (and qualified) to teach upwards of said 12-15 different styles and offering certifications, I simply have to roll my eyes. If one knew how long it took to get truly good at a specific style-intricacies, essence, movement, synergy-one knows that it’s almost impossible to be this proficient at this many systems. And when one factors in impact training, dynamic scenario training, resistance training the truth is that we are all blessed with 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 legs, 2 arms and a head with some teeth thrown in. It all boils down to the individual and his/her strengths. So for all the rankings and certificates one claims, at the end of the day, it’s questionable that one has really pressure-tested so many systems to the point of being instructor-ready. I just don’t buy it.

The Internet has given so much hype and opportunity for those to market themselves shamelessly that it’s given rise to a confusion by those on the outside looking for something authentic. Very rarely do you see “those in the know”, the Dante Alambras, Rory Millers, James Keatings, Hoch Hochheims, Kelly Wordens (and a host of others that immediately come to mind) getting involved in Internet trashtalk or shamelessly self-promoting a multitude of systems (or themselves for that matter, they let word-of-the-mouth do the majority of talking for them). Actions/louder than words. While I know that with the information highway being what it is, I can see how many have to sift through the questionable to get to the legitimate. Unfortunate but I refuse to compromise or sell-out to compete with this element. My father always taught me to “focus on your backyard and the rest will fall into place”, still prophetic words to this day.

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