Martial arts has long been on the outside of the business world. Instructors in whatever field of specialization scratching out a living or only being afforded part-time hobbyist status while maintaining other part-time jobs to put the real food on the table. This stereotype is changing. With the last decade has come high-level variations of meditation, autogenic breathing, dealing with the facets of adrenaline, teambuilding, professional coaching, anatomy, neuro-linguistics/neurology, physiology & psychology, advanced communication, conflict resolution, body language & profiling and high-level methodologies for hardwiring new skillsets and supercharging the learning curve. This puts us at the frontline of modern business as opposed to solely in our chosen industry. Few (outside the specialists) know these areas as well as the modern progressive combatives instructor. I believe it’s just a matter of time before big business starts to take notice and realize that for performance coaching and skillsets that pertain directly to worker performance improvement, the modern martialist will become a very in-demand option in the professional coaching industry. Our experience is visceral, hands-on, practical-not hypothetical or theoretical. It’s time the business world started taking notice to a growing number of us who don’t adhere to centuries-old traditions, belt rankings, idol worship, barefoot and pajama-wearing Neanderthals but bring legitimate solutions to modern problems across the board-social, business and personal. While the higher percentages reside on the two perceived extremes of the industry; the staunch traditionalist and the professional fighter; along with the perceptions and stereotypes that go along with each, there are vast number of us that are highly-intelligent, bring viable solutions to the table in whatever scenario you put us and have an extremely diverse group of skillsets. We are results-driven and our results are proven on the battlefield. The Japanese still adhere their modern business codes to the teachings of Musashi and this methodology is slowly moving to the Western World as well. This is a multi-million dollar industry already but shortly those in the business world will start to see the validity and pragmatism of what progressive,  reality-based instructors with a finger on the pulse of real-world functionality and transferable skills have to offer a business, and this decision will have a domino effect as many businesses discover how greatly their bottom line can be affected: both saving cost and increasing growth, all the while contributing to a much more productive and content work force.

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